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Recently we had the privilege to be on Nautical Talk on WATD radio in Marshfield. Our friend Captain Lou interviewed me for his listeners.

You can listen to the program in the archive of March 15, 2015

New Tech: We recently added some tools to our bulging tool chest;

A Midtronic engine electrical system diagnostic instrument. I wont call it a meter since it really is more of a microprocessor. The instrument

analyzes Battery conductance which predicts accurately whether to replace a battery or not, alternator performance, starter performance, and other useful features.

We also acquired an infrared imaging "camera". these instruments image temperatures in engines, electrical equipment, and can be used to locate wet core areas in deck laminates. our services with this tool are available to boat owners as well as surveyors and other boat professionals.

New Product Line:

We carry the Majestic line of marine televisions, radio/media players, accessories and G wow" 30dB gain tv antenna

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